The best way to determine which material is best is by identifying how you plan to use the shaded area. Shadecloth is not waterproof, so a light to medium shower will allow a light mist through, while water will drip through in a heavier shower. If you are using the sail as a car shade, you can expect to wet during a downpour.

Entertainment Area

A waterproof PVC structure over a dining area is similar to having a verandah. Water will roll off the PVC during periods of rain, keeping the area below dry. If the conditions are windy and rainy, water may still blow in sideways. Please be aware that it is more expensive to install PVC instead of shade cloth.

Swimming Pools

If you are searching for the right shade for your pool in Alice Springs, we recommend shadecloth. Once in place, shadecloth can reduce evaporation and chemical usage, as well as reducing the amount of leaves you get in the pool. Shade over your pool will also protect you and your family from harmful UV rays. Shadetech in Alice can supply and fit shade sails for pools of all shapes and sizes.

The requirements vary from state to state; in the Northern Territory shade exceeding 30 square metres or fixed to an existing structure will require engineering and building certification under the Northern Territory Building Act.

Free-standing shade structures under 30 square metres don't require a building permit or engineering, however Shadetech in Alice follow engineering guidelines when installing all shade structures.

If you are in a unit and would like to install a shade structure, you will need to get body corporate approval and also a development permit from the Department of Planning and Infrastructure. You will also be required to do engineering and building certification if the shade is attached to the building or over 30 square metres.

Should you have specific questions about permits and certifications, please give us a call.

Yes. All products come with the following warranty:

  • Shadecloth: Fully guaranteed against UV degradation for the first 5 years. Cover for the 6th year is equal to 80% and the 7th year is 60% and so on.
  • PVC material: Each manufacturer has their own warranty specifications. The minimum is 3 years' warranty, with some manufacturers offering a 5-10 year UV warranty. Feel free to ask us for more information.
  • Stitching: We use Tenara UV-stabilised thread, which is covered by a 15 year warranty.

All workmanship provided by Shadetech in Alice comes with a 2 year warranty. We pride ourselves in using quality products and qualified tradesmen to manufacture and install everything from the roof cleats to the shade sails to ensure you get the best out of your investment for many years to come.

Shadetech in Alice provide a complete installation service for both domestic and commercial clients. The shade poles are fabricated in our Alice Springs workshop. They are then painted or powdercoated in your choice of colour and bitumised at the base to prevent rust.

We will then excavate the footings to the required depth, stand the poles and then have footings inspected by our building certifier if required. Once we have approval from the certifier, the concrete will be poured. We then site measure the structure and order the cloth. The shade sails take about 2 weeks from the time of ordering. Once the shade sails are installed, our building certifier will come and do a final inspection.

To extend the life of your sail, it needs to be tight. We recommend checking the tension regularly. All sails are fitted with turnbuckles, which can be easily adjusted to re-tension the sail. Lubricate the turnbuckles every year to ensure they move smoothly.

Keep your shade sail clean with a mild detergent and a brush with soft bristles. Allow the detergent to soak in for a few minutes before rinsing the material clean.

Mould treatments and bleach products will greatly reduce the life of the fabric. Do not use these to clean your sail.

Have a question that we haven't answered? Speak to our friendly staff at Shadetech in Alice for advice, maintenance tips or any information on our product range.

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