Commercial Shade Structures & Sails in Alice Springs


When it comes to commercial shade structures, we know that one size does not fit all. We manufacture, supply and install shade sails and shade structures to suit a wide variety of commercial needs right here in Alice Springs. Locally owned and operated, we take pride in not only supporting our local community with great products, but also providing a quality professional service.

We're available to discuss the specific shade needs of your business.
Customed Designed Shade Structure and Sails — Shadetech in Alice in Alice Springs, NT

Custom Designed Shade Structures and Sails


Shadetech in Alice can custom design shade structures for a range of business needs. We work with schools, child care centres, local councils and commercial businesses to design and install shaded areas that perfectly meet their needs.

For a customised structure that suits your vision, contact us today.
Replacement Shade Sails — Shadetech in Alice in Alice Springs, NT

Replacement Shade Sails


Shadetech in Alice want you to enjoy and use your shade sail for years to come. We also want your shade sail to look its best. Storm damage and general wear can cause a shade sail to stretch, sag or even begin to tear. Thankfully we provide affordable shade sail repairs and replacement panels when needed.

We can also carry out preventative maintenance, inspecting the shade and all fixtures to make sure everything is in order. Shadetech in Alice also provide repairs should your shade structure or shade sail be damaged in a storm.

To arrange an inspection, simply give our team a call.
Design and Engineering — Shadetech in Alice in Alice Springs, NT

Design & Engineering


One of the most important aspects of a strong commercial shade structure is the design. It also requires the correct installation. All of our commercial structures are designed and installed to engineers' specifications.

Our roof cleats have been load tested and are fully engineered.

To ensure the highest standards of quality all products are erected by our team. All posts and footings are inspected by our building certifier at the time of installation.
Fabrication and Installation — Shadetech in Alice in Alice Springs, NT

Fabrication & Installation


If you are in the market for a shade structure to suit the needs of your business, Shadetech in Alice are the people to call. We custom fabricate all commercial shade structures, from enclosed shades over outdoor dining areas to shade sails over playgrounds. We have a large selection of colours for shade cloth and PVC, as well as powdercoat and paint colours for the shade frame or shade poles.

Shadetech in Alice guarantee quality products and professional service. Our custom designs ensure the perfect coverage for your shade needs. Shadetech in Alice Shade sails are manufactured in Darwin.

If you have any questions about requirements for installing shade sails, please feel free to chat with us.